Founded by board-certified Physical Therapist Dr. Nazanin Amini, Profizix Physical Therapy and Wellness provides a new-age approach to treating, preventing, and educating patients on chronic conditions, illnesses, and injuries. Total healing is not possible when there are deficits in other aspects of a person’s general health including mental health and nutritional needs, as body imbalances and nutritional deficits go hand-in-hand and have the potential to accelerate physical injuries.

Doctor Amini was on a path to being a software engineer when her plans changed, resulting in a traumatic injury that left her with multiple fractures and in need of extensive surgery and therapy. After a rocky journey to recovery, Dr. Amini pursued her new dream of becoming a licensed Physical Therapist at Texas Woman’s University, graduating with honors Magna Cum Laude.

Each patient will receive a comprehensive evaluation including a physical examination, medical history assessment, and further inquiry regarding the condition that has brought them to our office seeking guidance and treatment. Once assessed and diagnosed, an individualized treatment plan combining holistic practices and Eastern medicine is provided to best help you.

Our physical therapy clinic is located conveniently in West Los Angeles to better serve Los Angeles and patients in the surrounding communities. With a physical therapist that understands how intense and impossible therapy can seem to the patient, treatment at Profizix Physical Therapy and Wellness yields better results than leading competitors.